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One of the most popular game styles found at online casinos is the slot machine. With its long and complex history spanning every continent over the last century slots have been developed to fit just about every player type there is. The progression has taken the genre from the classic, simple fruit machines on the old days, to the big-name branded games available today. Pretty much every new slot game can be played on any device, no matter where the player happens to be, making this style of play one of the most convenient and entertaining ways to try your luck.

Types of Slots

Slots can be broken down into a few different categories. There are slots focused on ambiance, risk profiles, themes, moods, entertainment, and many are a mix of more than one of these categories.

Branded games are a perfect example of a genre that incorporates several different features and play styles. Games like Pink Panther, The Three Musketeers, and Gladiator each focus on a different type of player and all these games offer varying bonus features and perks for the player. Given the fact that these all come from just one developer, Playtech, it is easy to see that branded slots could be in a class by themselves.

While branded games are perfect for those looking to be entertained in a familiar atmosphere, many players gravitate towards games for more specific reasons. Things like a slot’s variance come into play, or even how many paylines there are and how much each spin can cost. All these variables make each game feel very unique.

RTP and Variance

The first thing that most players like to check is the RTP of the slot game they are about to play. The RTP (Return to Player) number is a percentage that shows a theoretical return on wagered money. The number shouldn’t be taken at face value, however. When a game touts an RTP of 97%, it is good, but you must remember that the number came from thousands of spins over a long period of time. Other factors, like variance, play important roles as well.

The variance of an online slot game determines the size and frequency of wins. A game with a low variance will pay out more often, but the wins will generally not be anything to write home about. When a game has a high variance, it could potentially take a long time to get a win, but when it comes it’s a good one. You are more likely to see an RTP similar to the one advertised while playing on a low variance slot.

Game Features

Another thing to check for are the game features offered. Some games have fantastic bonus rounds that bring players to mini-games that are quite entertaining – not to mention potentially very lucrative. Free spins also come in many shapes and sizes, and different games will tack on things like multipliers and extra Wilds during free spins to sweeten the deal. You can get more excellent info from Judi Online.


With so many types of games to choose from, we have only really scratched the surface of what is available. When it comes to slots, the sky’s the limit. Our best advice if you are new is to find a genre that you like and try out the offerings from several game providers.

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