Best Online Slots Games

There are reasons why online slots remain the most played casino games to date. The online slots variations we have today are not only more exciting, but also more rewarding. You can win smaller prizes as well as the gigantic jackpots just as easily.

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Slots is also very easy to play. You don’t need complex strategies or the right set of skills to master this game and have a lot of fun along the way. To make it even better, there are more exciting slots games and bigger jackpots that you can play. Here are the best online slots games to try today.

Reels of Wealth

Reels of Wealth is an interesting slots game to play for two main reasons. First of all, it is a progressive slots game, which means you have large jackpots worth more than $100,000 to pursue as you play this game. There are actually four progressive jackpots to win, including the Megastar Jackpot worth more than $300,000.

The second reason is the scatter symbol. You can still trigger a win when there are three or more symbols scattered on the reels. This win means you can turn even a bad spin into a large payout. The extra spins and bonuses – including a free spin when you do hit a winning combination – makes this slots game one of the most popular on 21Dukes.

Legend of the Nile

From the name of this game, it is easy to guess that this is a themed online slots game. Legend of the Nile takes the ancient Egyptian theme and turns it into a gameplay that you will enjoy. Similar to Reels of Wealth, Legend of the Nile is also a progressive online slots game with jackpots exceeding $200,000 most of the time.

The large jackpot isn’t the only interesting thing about this game. The minimum coin size is 0.02, so you can play this game and have a lot of fun even when you have a relatively limited online casino bankroll. You can also take advantage of the 6×6 reels configuration to win more frequently and stay profitable whenever you play this game.

Dragon Kingdom

Last but certainly not least, we have Dragon Kingdom, one of the hottest – if not THE hottest – slots games online right now. Dragon Kingdom may not be a progressive game, but that doesn’t mean you cannot win big when playing this game on online casinos like 21Dukes. The classic 5 reels and 25 pay lines configuration is certainly a huge favorite among avid online slots players.

It doesn’t stop there. Dragon Kingdom has a higher average RTP (Return to Player) than most slots games on the market, so you know you can stay profitable and win a lot of cash playing this slots variation. When you add the free spins, bonuses, and other special offers available today, there is no doubt that Dragon Kingdom slots is an easy favorite.

If you are interested in trying online slots or if you want to enjoy a much better gaming experience, these slots games are the ones to try. You will have a lot of fun chasing the big jackpots of Reels of Wealth, going back to the Egyptian era with the Legend of the Nile, or sampling the classic approach of Dragon Kingdom.

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