The best understanding Guides you in Sports Betting for You

Understand that Back is betting on the result and Lay is 안전사이트 site betting on the result. Record that. Back is BLUE; Lay is PINK, the one we’re going to use. Create an account on other betting sites to get the bonuses. (Let’s call them conventional houses)

Net bet – 100% Bonus up to $ 200

Rival – 100% match bonus up to R $ 777

10Bet – 50% match bonus up to R $ 400

List with more bonuses

Now you have to deposit. And all these sites accept how to form bank transfer deposits, credit cards and bank slip, among other options. Set aside for Bet fair an amount that can cover your bet on the betting site.

Doubt: Do we have to get the maximum bonus amount? No

Doubt: Do we have to open an account on all sites? Yes, because the idea is to get as many bonuses as possible.

Doubt: Why set aside an amount for Bet fair to cover other bets? Below. The idea of ​​separating the same bet amount at Betfair to bet on the conventional house is that you must lose on the conventional house and win on Betfair. Remember what we said about Lay and Back? Blue bet (back) and pink bet (lay)? This is where the balcony is.

Choose an event. For example, Sao Paulo x Corinthians.

In the conventional house (bet365) the odds are:

We will then bet an amount on the tie. Let’s say $ 100.

The return on this bet is R $ 325, correct? Bet and on that… now comes the cat jump!

Go to Betfair and in the same game, bet against the draw on the pink button (against, lay).

The amount to be wagered in US dollars (see daily quote by clicking here) must be 31.87 at Betfair.

(Price of 9/21/2017 is 3.13 reads for each dollar).

Reaping the profits:

Now that both bets are placed, one at the conventional (for) and one at the opposite (Betfair) house, we are covered because either the game ends in a draw and we win at home, or with the victory of either team, we will winning at Betfair.

  • Hypothesis 1 – Draw
  • Profit of $ 225 in the conventional house.
  • Hypothesis 2 – São Paulo or Corinthians win
  • Gain of $ 86.05 at Betfair, which in real in the day’s price is 269.99.

As we said, the idea is to transfer this money to Betfair. If you win at the conventional house, keep trying the same betting tactic until you clear your conventional house balance (deposit and bonus). Did the process, jump to another bookmaker and so on.

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