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In the last 5 years, the craze of earning money by playing the game online has increased considerably. But the problem in these games is that because of the fake website, which is cheating users even today, in which they do not know how they lost their money. With the rise of online games, online fraud is happening day by day. Therefore it is very necessary to authenticate these websites. Bender is one of the most authentic websites of Indonesia in which 1000 players play online at the time. Each player has separate room so that it is very difficult to cheat in this game as the selection of player is done at random with artificial intelligence in which their location and authenticity is monitored. In this platform different types of poker games are played at a time in which all users are real players. In this platform, there is no place for any type of robot or artificial machinery. As each user is monitored by their team so that each deserving user should get their proper reward. 

How to play poker games:

Online poker is one of the most crowd-pleasing forms of poker games played in the world. The reason for acceptance involves the game’s complicated nature and challenging skills. Unlike other games, this is not one of those games, which can be taken easily in terms of complications and involvement thorough attention and practice for the player’s, who are hoping to make a name for them by beating some of the top companions and also to earn money for showing their skills and determinations. With so much of complicacy at one stake, the game compensates the players are sure to receive a great paycheck at different levels.

Other popular games are Topsitusjudi in which many users play at a time in which only a person or limited person is allowed in which they have to start their move. One such online gambling platform is “BandarQ”. Let’s discuss this. 

Some basic rules of poker are Texas holder:

In which we have to make 5 pairs from 7 cards as per this game there are various hand ranks 

The first and most basic is high card if any pair is no matching then most high no card is considered as a high rank card. Next is one pair in which you have anyone pair of any card is available for you is considered as one pair card. Which is further followed by 2 pair card in which the suit must have any two pair of the card out of 5 cards It is important to note that we are selecting a card from a deck of 7 cards in which we are checking 5 cards only. Similarly next is 3 of a kind in which a triplet of any card is present. Further on cards are followed by flush and full house cards. Next is a full house card in which is followed by a triplet and a doublet pairs. There are also some poker hands cards like Royal Flush and Straight Flush followed by four of a kind.

Here are some basic rules of poker is mentioned if you want to play full poker game you must go through for newly updated rules this website also provides you the value for money. Because you can also play this game by sharing one person to another which is further used in that poker game.

Now it’s your turn to visit this website and earn money online just by one click and by showing your skills and luck. For a further update in rules please visit to know the updates of rules of poker family and their offers.

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