Is Audience Presence Related To Home Advantage?

Sports have always been part of human culture, even in the last 3,000 years ago. Sports began in prehistoric times where people enjoyed competing with each other. Hunters would run as fast and throw a stone or a spear accurately at a target is a valuable member of their tribe. As modern days continue, the development in sociocultural also persists. 

The first-ever festival of sports to honor Zeus happened in 773 BC. All athletes within the country gathered within the stadium in Olympia’s valley to test their speed, stamina, and skills for the upcoming Olympics. The games included in the ancient games were running, long jump, shot put, javelin, boxing, pankration, and equestrian events. Anyone can still see the arena in Greece, the situated east of the sacred Atlis enclosure.

These games continued every four years until the Roman Emperor ended them in 394 AD. After 1,500 years, archaeologists found the ruins of the Olympic stadium. Since then, Frenchman Baron Pierre dc Coubertin proposes to retain the same Olympics Greece’s begun. 1896 was the first year where Athens held the modern Olympic Games.

Nowadays, the modern Olympic match plays every four years to respect the ancient origins of the event. 

However, the Olympiad is not the only sports event that is happening at this age. There go the local, international, World Cup, Super Bowl, the NBAs, etc.

No matter how big the event is, athletes remain to desire playing within their home field. To them, representing their school, town, or country within their homecourt premises is much exciting and motivating than playing in another stadium. It is just like when an individual is within their home facility; the daily events and place are comfort and encouragement to them.

Additionally, their supporters are nearer. It means more people who will cheer up to them will attend. The uproar of the crowd gives them the aspiration to give their all and win the game. Despite this, some sports players do not win even if they are within their home field.

How come? Is the audience presence a home advantage?

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