Horizon Case: Top-5 CSGO Skins

In August 2018, the brand new Horizon Case was released by Valve Corporation, developer of “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”. It included 4 knives and 17 weapon skins.

The fresh case was part of CS GO changes and updates that made plenty of skins available to gamers. The most exciting thing was that several skins from that case appeared to be the best-looking in the long history of the game. These skins underline original gaming style and distinguish you among other players. Give a glance at the top-5 skins from the CSGO Horizon Case and bet on Counter Strike GO at https://csgobettingz.com/teams/.

  1. Stiletto knives are totally new skins in the Horizon Case. Their unusual design and interesting shape change the way the knives look in gameplay. Stiletto knives belong to that type of valuable skins which every user would prefer to possess. Their original style has a significant influence on the price that gamers are ready to pay just for holding the knife. Those who are lucky enough to get such a sophisticated knife must be glad that they managed to make a right choice in CSGO betting.
  2. Desert Eagle | Code Red owns a status of icon among game weapons. Its new skin makes users strive for it more and more. The skin has a blood red base and silver detailing. It seems that this pistol was polished to the state of masterpiece by designers and reached the highest level of perfection. Bet on CS GO and pick up the weapon skin that shoots off the heads of the strong opposing players.
  3. AK-47 | Neon Rider is one of the coolest rifles in the game, with a gorgeous look and blended patterns. Figure of a ghost rider against neon background of pink and blue color makes rifle visible from far away. None of the enemies will escape this lethal weapon committed to its deadly mission. The rarest rifle is hard to find for many gamers, and a lot of luck is needed to get it via CS GO bets.
  4. Talon knives are attributed to one of 4 types of knives presented in the Horizon Case, whose aesthetic look is really pleasing to the eye. Its curved crescent-like shape evokes associations with Karambit knives, but the difference is quite obvious. Talon knives are distinguished by the specific proportions of handle and blade. Set of various skins for this type of knife turns it into an extremely desirable item that can be acquired through CS GO betting.
  5. M4A1-S | Nightmare is a rifle that fully justifies its name and brings back popularity to this kind of weapon skins. Scary mix of light blue and black background with a monster rising from the darkness forces opposing players to think of their worst nightmares. Try eSports bets CS GO to get hold of this attractive and frightening rifle.

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