Get an Edge Playing the Best Odds at Online Casinos

For many, playing at an online casino is all about scoring that big win and securing a huge pay-out, but casinos are notoriously hush-hush about the odds for winning on many of their biggest games, and although there are changes in mind for some online services to make them more consumer friendly with proposed changes to some of the favourites like slots, it may do little to adjust the overall odds. So, if you’re looking to secure yourself a big win, which games should you play, which should you avoid, and what are the odds for each?

Stick to slots for fun – Since changes to slots had been mentioned, it’s also important to note that slots are statistically toward the bottom end of winning odds for all casino games – there have been changes in recent years where operators now have to show the winning odds, but with the nature of how they work and the random nature, it’s difficult to have a strategy to secure a win. They’re amongst the most favourite with new and experienced players due to the huge variety available and the ease of access for play options, but if you’re looking to play the odds there are certainly better games available to help secure a win, with options available on sites listed at for example.

Games of chance are up there – Two of the biggest games for any casino whether online or offline are in the various forms of Craps and Roulette – much like slots, they’re exciting for new and experienced players alike as the result of the game is always different, and because they’re extremely easy to understand without any skill required. Simply place your bet and wait for the roulette to stop spinning or for your roll of the dice – both provide a nearly 50% chance of winning depending on how you wager, and it’s simply all luck. 

How gamblers can increase their odds of winning at online casino games

Blackjack offers a little more control amongst the top – Another game that sits near the 50% chance odds of winning is another classic favourite in Blackjack which has been revived in the online space recently with the addition of options like live dealers to stick around as a player favourite – but also as a game where a little skill and a little more control can help. If you’re good with numbers, you may be able to better devise your odds of winning in any particular hand, and with a little control over how your hand ends up – and with the dealer relying as much on luck but with much less control, a skilled blackjack player can certainly increase their own winning odds. 

These are just a few of the many games on offer – other top favourites like Poker have odds that are a little more skewed as a game of skill rather than luck for example but identifying your own game that provides you with the best chances of winning and enjoyment can certainly give you a much better online casino experience.


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