Choosing the Right and Essential Supports on the Perfect Database Works

To mitigate the risk of virtual intrusions, having a good data security strategy that strengthens corporate systems is critical as incidents have increased over the years worldwide.


Fraud is also a common problem within companies. Much of this is due to illicit access to corporate data or due to cyberattacks that capture sensitive information. For example, many scams happen by employing user IDs (employees, partners, or service providers) that are no longer in the company.  This is where you would need the 먹튀디now.

To prevent such unauthorized access, each employee must have non-transferable, unique and valid identification only for as long as he / she works at the company, i.e. while active in the information environment. The use of user ID by someone else, even a colleague, should be prohibited to prevent such fraud.

In addition, many frauds can occur due to personal information leaks from customers and company employees, especially after cyber attacks. Contact data, document numbers, passwords, and other content that is with criminals can be used for identity theft and access to sensitive systems, causing serious problems for injured parties.

This gives rise to legal action against the organization for negligence and ineffectiveness in storing and protecting personal information.

Data hijacking

The 2017 attack mentioned above was based on the ransomware technique, where “ransom” means “ransom” and “ware” comes from the suffix of “Malware”. Typically, in this type of action a virus encrypts existing data on a computer.

This terminal, in turn, now shows a ransom request on the screen, with an amount that must be paid for the data to be decrypted. After that they can be accessed and used again.

The virus used in this great virtual attack, known as Wannacry, has also arrived in Brazil. It has affected companies in various segments, including public agencies, such as the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) and some courts.

Storing and exchanging sensitive customer information

Encryption technology is essential for storing and exchanging sensitive customer information and data, especially for e-mail and instant messaging. This gives rise to confidentiality as well as preventing such content from being intercepted by cybercriminals.

Otherwise, you may have similar problems to Sony in 2014, when hackers broke into Sony’s systems and leaked sensitive employee information such as social security numbers and salaries. This has created serious problems for corporate HR and the company as a whole. In addition to these data, films were released that had not even been released. Overall, the attack caused Sony a loss of approximately $ 200 million.

Financial transactions

Cybercriminals employ various strategies to break into corporate systems to steal sensitive data. In this way, they get information or take actions that divert money in digital environments, as happened with the Bangladeshi central bank in early 2016.

At the time, $ 81 million was diverted, but the financial loss could have exceeded $ 1 billion had there not been an error in a word used in hacking code. In addition, this incident has damaged the security of the SWIFT system, which is responsible for managing financial and banking operations globally.

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