Betting on esports

Esports is the fastest growing sport in the whole world, and its been like this for years already. Esports is still very young, and we’re yet to see its golden ages, which are still to come. For new generation sports bettors this situation is great, because majority of the bookmakers are still clueless what’s happening in the world of esports. You know what happens when bookmakers are clueless about the sport they’re are putting up the odds for? It means that there might be some mistakes that you can take advantage of.

If you’re looking to cash consistently by betting on esports, there are few things you should take into consideration. 

Bet on games you play yourself

By this we mean that you shouldn’t be placing that many bets to games you’ve never played in your life. For example, if you don’t know how to master DOTA 2, or League of Legends, it’s probably a good idea NOT to bet on these games, because they both require massive amounts of skills and strategies, that only can be understood by players who’ve played the games before.

If there aren’t any games to bet on, just simply don’t bet on anything! Rather than wasting your hard earned bankrolls to games you have no clue about, do some extra research for tomorrow’s CSGO games, or whatever the game is that you choose to bet on. 

Watch out for established organisations

Esports isn’t like any other sport where players can even play their whole careers on one team. For esports, it’s common that players can change teams for every few months. This is of course not the ideal situations, and esports are trying to steer away from that kind of behaviour models amongst the players, but the current situation still is what it is. 

When you’re placing your bets, make sure you check the rosters and see how much practice these guys have had together, before making any decisions. Especially on big arenas (for example ESL Majors in CS:GO), the lack of togetherness can be a issue that ruins the whole tournaments for the team, even they we’re meant to be the favourites on paper. 

Bankroll management

This advice is the same, no matter the sport is you’re betting on. Bankroll management is your tool, and your only tool if you want to keep making bets daily basis. Make sure you’re not overbetting certain matches, and try to keep your max. stake at 2-5% per match. Also, play only singles if possible. 

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